In Italian, che always plays the first role while quello (or sometimes ciò) is used to translate that when it plays the second role. In the following examples, we have adjectives. Roberto Benigni is the actor that made everybody laugh. quello che - translate into English with the Italian-English Dictionary - Cambridge Dictionary BANNER PLACEHOLDER. in italian "quello che" and "ciò che" have the same meaning so you can use whatever you want "che cosa/cosa" in italian is used in interrogative questions because if you use it in affermative questions like "questo è cosa mi hai detto" (this is what you told me) sounds bad In Italian there are 4 ways to write or say "That" and 3 ways to write or say "Those". The following is a list of those seven ways with the rules dictating when each is used; Italian Quell’ Quello Quel Quegli Quei Quell’ Quella Quelle The movie that I recommended to you is called "The life is beauty" Roberto Benigni è quell'attore che fa ridere tutti. (Note: of course there are many more translations of that, sometimes it can be translated with questo instead, sometimes with something else entirely. Translations of the phrase PAGHI QUELLO CHE from italian to english and examples of the use of "PAGHI QUELLO CHE" in a sentence with their translations: Paghi quello che vuoi. Questo/questa (this), and quello/quella (that) are both adjectives when they come before a noun or pronoun, and pronouns when replacing a noun.This happens in both English and Italian. "quello é cosa stato detto. " Gli esempi: – Avere quello che ci vuole – To have that which is necessary (To have what it takes) – Fai quello che devi … Quel film che ti ho raccomandato si chiama "La vita é bella". Quello che means: – That which. does not mean anything. Find more Italian words at! “Non so quello che voglio.” = “I don’t know what I want.” CHE is the relative pronoun most utilized in Italian. In questo caso, perché uso il congiuntivo?. English words for quello che include what, whatever and the one who. Here are some examples of how to use it: Ecco il libro che mi hai prestato (here it’s the book which you lent me); quello è il cane che ha morso mio fratello (that is the dog that bit my brother); quei tuoi amici che ho conosciuto ieri sembrano molto simpatici (those friends of yours whom I met yesterday seem very nice). Quell'attrice che lavora nel film si chiama Nicoletta Braschi; è quella che è sposata con Benigni. Translation Spell check Synonyms Conjugation. Through doing a forum search, and looking at the wordreference dictionary, I believe I've sorted out the difference between : 'quale' vs 'che cosa' -Quale being used when there is a range of choices, and Che Cosa being used in relation to a 'thing'? It is be used as complement to a subject and it can be replaced by il quale and la quale (depending on whether the subject is masculine or feminine). … Translations in context of "Per quello che" in Italian-English from Reverso Context: per quello che è successo, quello che sto per, per quello che ha fatto, per quello che hai fatto, quello che hai fatto per. Hello all I'm trying to understand the correct use of 'quello che' and 'che cosa', where in english we would say 'what'. In this case, why do I use the subjunctive?. This is just a short introduction). More. And the final one never changes either! This is understood in the sense of ‘that which’ you said or ‘that which’ we did.
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